Four Days

We leave for Australia in four days. The excitement has started setting in around the TWCD office. We are finding it hard to focus on anything but this trip. There’s nothing I want to do between now and then that is more important.

Once we get on the plane, I am sure it will set in exactly what it is we are doing. We are going to a place few people from our country get to go to do something barely any other Americans do. We represent American Christians in Australia. We are the only team going from America to help with these fires in this country.

If we make a bad impression, there’s no one else coming to make a good one. Someone once told me to always remember I might be the only glimpse of Jesus someone gets. If that’s the case, we have a little bit of pressure on our selves.

This isn’t a mission trip, it’s a work trip. We aren’t going to pass out tracks or anything like that, we are going to build fences. We are going to help people who need it. We are going to make life a little easier for farmers who have been through a tough 2013 so far.

Hundreds of thousands of acres have been destroyed by these fires. There’s a shortage of crops, a shortage of food for cattle, and a shortage of hope. We can’t let that continue. Practically, there’s not a lot five of us can do, but we know our impact will be felt by the people we help, and there’s no way to estimate how many positive outcomes that will bring.


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  1. Rochelle says:

    Hi guys, we are in the big blue tent up past the gates, thanks for coming to help us out in the middle of nowhere,australia, come say hi to us! From geoff & rochelle @ blaze aid, coonabarrabran.

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