Keep Moving

Today was the first public address by the new pope, Pope Francis I. In his homily, he encouraged Christians to “keep moving.” He warned against standing still, reminding us that the Christian life is a life of walking with Christ, not a life of standing.

Following the Father is precisely what we at TWCD aim to do. We go to other countries, to the far-away places in need, in order to follow our command to love one another. We are going to Australia in nine days because we know we can’t sit idle when there are people in need. We know we can’t stand still when there are farmers struggling to recover. We know comfort is the enemy of growth, so we go.

When we leave for Australia, we will be making our third trip to that country. Our organization was founded because of fires in Australia in 2009, so from our inception we have had a heart for the people Down Under. This particular fire just so happens to be the worst they’ve had in 50 years. We have been ready to go since January, and the day of our departure is finally near.

We expect to be welcomed by the friendly people of Australia. We also expect to surprise many by our presence. Every time we’ve been, people have been shocked by our willingness to fly around the world to sleep in uncomfortable beds and work from dawn to dusk in the brutal heat. Why would we go to a place many reserve for vacation to sweat in farmers’ fields.

When you fully understand the cross, you fully understand sacrifice. You also fully understand our need to go to Australia. This isn’t five Americans going on holiday. This is five people compelled to show light in darkness, to bring hope to the needy, and to work our butts off.

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