Trip Scheduled

We have been talking about going to Australia for a while now. We have been posting on this blog, on the website, and on facebook about how we are trying to head down there to help with recovery from the horrible bushfires that have been ravaging much of the country.

Well, now it is happening. We are leaving on the 23rd and will be in Australia until the 5th of April. This is an exciting time for TWCD. We are extremely excited for this trip and are looking forward to what we are going to be able to accomplish in Australia.

We are going to a town called Coonabarabran, where fires have been devastating. This town is near a few national forests and should be a beautiful part of the country. However, terrible fires have made it a nightmare for many who are living there. The farmers, as is often the case, have been hardest hit. Fences are gone, crops are destroyed, and cattle are without food.

We are going to help. While we are a small team and it might seem like there isn’t a lot we can do, you would be amazed at how large of an impact we expect to have. Our presence there will be photographed, facebooked, filmed, and talked about by Australian news in an effort to raise volunteer numbers. Our impact will bring more people to help from around the country.

Help us on this adventure. Continue to pray. Continue to encourage us online. Donate on our website so we can do more. We can go as far as you send us.

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