Fire in the Sky

Today was a weird day in world news as a meteorite struck Russia, injuring a few hundred people in its path. I’ve never seen a meteor strike in person, but the videos are incredible. I can’t imagine what I would do if I was driving and watched a ball of fire fall out of the sky.

I think this event shows how unpredictable life is. One minute, you’re driving to work and then a rock falls from space in front of you and shatters your car’s windows into a million terrifying sharp bullets. No one expects his office windows will explode from the sonic boom caused by an asteroid while he sips his morning coffee.

What if this happened to you? What would you think if all the sudden you saw fire in the sky? I think I would want someone to come alongside me to tell me it’s going to be O.K. I think I would want help, hope, and compassion to be there with me while I processed this event.

TWCD isn’t planning to go to Russia, but we are planning to continue helping people around the world who are picking up the pieces from the unexpected realities of life on this planet. These things happen. Tsunamis come, fires burn, hurricanes destroy, but we have the opportunity to do something about the aftermath.

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