Giving Up

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Christians all over the world are sacrificing luxuries for the next 40 days in order to reflect on the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. It is interesting that we are asking for donations for our trip fund in order to help victims from around the world during this important season of the Christian year.

We have so much in this country. Lent gives us the opportunity to experience what life would be like with less, and through that we recognize how blessed we are. In the same way, a disaster can show us how little we control, making us more thankful for each day we get on earth.

This season, please think about giving up a luxury item and donating that money to Trinity West Crisis Dispatch. Imagine the difference a cup of coffee a day could make in the life of a farmer recovering from bushfires in Tasmania! Five dollars a day for 40 days adds up. With your help, we can make a difference. We can show hope and love to a broken world and shine light in a dark situation. Prayerfully consider making TWCD part of your prayers this Lent season. Your prayers are felt by our teams in ways we can’t explain. Your partnership through donation fuels our tanks both literally and figuratively.

As we approach Easter, let us take seriously the challenge to live like Jesus, to be salt and light, and to bring the new Kingdom onto earth.

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