Together in Heartbreak

Nothing is closer to our hearts than our homes. They represent family, comfort, and familiarity. We take pride in our homes, we brag about them, and we have entire stores dedicated to improving them. There is nothing more intrinsic to the American consciousness than the idea of home ownership, of having your piece of land, of being the king of your own castle.

What happens when it burns down? Homes aren’t made from the indestructible. These structures we ascribe so much importance to are made of stuff that burns. If you’re a farmer, losing your home means a lot more. When a farmer loses his home, he is most likely losing his livelihood. He loses his job. When fire destroys thousands of feet of fenceline, the farmer can’t afford to hire someone to fix it while he goes about his business. He has to rebuild his farm himself, losing months of work and thousands of dollars.

This is the situation facing Australian farmers right now. Many of them are feeling alone in their heartbreak. They have seen their homes and livelihoods literally burned to the ground. Here in America, we sit in our homes sipping coffee and rarely pay any mind to the plight of those on the other side of the earth. Now we have a chance to show hundreds of farmers they aren’t alone on this planet, and they aren’t alone in their heartbreak. Our hearts are broken for them because we believe in the principle we are all God’s children-part of the same family, connected brothers and sisters. Help us show our Australian brothers and sisters we feel their pain. Your donation goes to spread the ideal of six billion people looking out for one another. Spread hope and spread love with us.


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