An Opportunity

Record heat, devastating fires, and families left homeless. Farmers trying to figure out where to turn when their livelihood looks hopeless. This is the story of Tasmania right now, but it is also the story of Texas a few years ago.

For those of us who lived in Texas while fires ripped up thousands of acres, we know how scary it can be. Fire is unpredictable, ruthless, and an indiscriminate destroyer of everything in its path. The more the news covered the story here in Texas, the more it seemed these fires would never end and that the people of Bastrop and Possom Kingdom might lose everything. When the dry summer months dragged on, we were amazed at how much support came to those farmers and how many people seemed to reach out to them.

Now it is our turn to help out another country. While we weren’t directly effected by the Texas wildfires, we know the feeling of hopelessness fires can cause. We have an opportunity to help farmers and regular people just like us who are feeling hopeless right now. We have an opportunity to be a light in a dark place.

More importantly, we have an obligation. Nothing is more clear in Scripture than God’s call for Christians to make things new, to right wrongs, and to be the hands and feet and body of Christ in the world. If we are the only body Jesus has on earth right now, shlouldn’t we show up when we are needed? I

Because we feel this way, we have to go. We must act, we must respond, and we must show the world there is a better way to live. We have an opportunity to help those in need and an obligation to show there is a connection between all people as children of God.


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