Why We Go

When I was in seminary I got the opportunity to go with TWCD as a volunteer. At the time, my international travel experience was limited, but my desire to help other people was strong and I couldn’t miss an opportunity to travel to Australia. 

For two weeks in the hottest climate I had ever experienced, we worked. I helped a farmer re-dig an irrigation well, something I had never done, and as I squinted into the brutal sun through sweat pouring from my forehead I realized this trip would stay with me the rest of my life. Another farmer we helped took us in like family. We watched home movies with him, rebuilt his fence, and sang songs on his porch. His life was made a little easier thanks to the helping hands we provided, but our lives were changed.

My life was changed.

Heaven is often thought of as a reward. Live a good life, make the right decisions, and you will be rewarded with an escape from this world. What this trip proved to me is that heaven can be brought to this world through God’s people helping others. We made heaven on earth for several Australian farmers who were experiencing quite the opposite. In doing so, we were transported there ourselves. When we left Australia, I was upset. I had little desire to go back to school and responsibilities. Like Peter at the mount of Transfiguration, I just wanted to stay in that experience forever. 

What we do, what Trinity West Crisis Dispatch does around the world, is to take heaven to people experiencing the worst this world has to offer. We have an opportunity to go back to Australia to help more farmers recover from a bushfire, this time in Tasmania. My heart leaps at this opportunity, because I know what to expect. We can show hope to people in a hopeless place, and our lives will be blessed. 

We are looking for volunteers to come with us–people looking to work to make someone else’s life better. We are also looking for financial partners–people looking to invest in eternal hope. If you want to be a part of this–if you want to help us impact lives around the world–please go to www.twcd.us and become one of our partners. 


About TWCD

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