Chopping Trees in Staten Island

Today we responded to a call on Staten Island. We partnered with Apostle’s church and helped one of their members with a major problem. Hurricane Sandy had kept their house upright, but had uprooted a tree nearby that was precariously close to falling on the kitchen.

To further complicate things, a nor’easter was bearing down on us and we had to work in rain, sleet, and snow. Our volunteers did an amazing job being flexible and helping as Matt and Drew determined the best way to fell the tree. Using ropes and determination, we were successful in removing a dangerous tree from falling on the kitchen of a beautiful home and were still able to go back to Long Island to help our friends at Samaritan’s Purse.

It took us almost two hours to get from Long Island to Manhattan because a driving snowstorm was making traffic slow to a crawl. New York, one of our greatest cities, is being bombarded with catastrophic weather. Nothing prepares you for a tree falling on your house, and nothing prepares a city for a hurricane followed by a blizzard. All we can do is learn to respond. Please pray for us as we help New York recover from this storm, and please pray for New York as they continue to rebuild.

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