Helping Out in Long Island

Today we worked in a family’s home on Long Island. It was great connecting with our friends at Samaritan’s Purse and helping a family in need. Clearing drywall and pulling out ruined insulation, I was struck with the awful feeling that must come over someone when they realize five feet of water had been in their house. Everything is ruined.

Imagine opening the door to the garage you just remodeled and realizing that everything was going to have to redone. That’s what happened to this family. We stood in that garage and tore through the drywall together. They had seen what nature was able to do, but now they’ve seen what love can do. They saw a team of people willing to help them without being asked.

Gary, our crew leader of sorts, reminded us that we may not be able to help every victim of this disaster, but we can help the one in front of us. Helping one person at a time is the only way to make a difference, and it’s the only way to build relationships with the people you help.

Showing hope to people going through a crisis is what we aim to do, and the work we did today hopefully gave one family a little hope and brought a smile to their faces.

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