So thankful for such an amazing experience

As you know, we all arrived home safely Saturday evening after the long flight home.  Words cannot begin to describe how truly amazing my experience in Australia was, and I am so grateful to have been blessed with such an incredible opportunity.  Our crew alone was reason enough to go.  Never in my life have would I have imagined simultaneously meeting twelve of the greatest, hard working, kind and generous people.  We all worked so well together and, even though I’d never met eleven of the twelve others, quickly became like a family.  The people we met while in Australia were indescribably amazing.  To see their spirit and positivity even in the face of such destruction was an inspiration to us all.   Seeing just how far the human spirit can go even in the worst of times gave me a whole new outlook and appreciation for life that I otherwise would have taken for granted.  I can honestly say that these people helped me as much if not more than I them.   We quickly formed a bond with each family we met which made the work we were doing so rewarding and worthwhile that it’s hard to describe it as “work” at all.  I’ve gained so much from having met each and every person that was involved with this trip and formed friendships that I know will last forever.    This truly was the experience of a lifetime which, although I’m sad is over, am happy and forever grateful for all I’ve taken away from it.  Thank you so much to Matt, Kira, Aubrey, Brandon, Brett, Karla, Drew, Donnie, Jo, Amy, Caroline and Kyle for making this such an unforgettable and amazing trip, ya’ll are the best!-Hugh III

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