How do I describe my gratitude for the amazing places that my life has taken me recently? I know that I have done nothing to deserve the opportunities that I have, nor do I deserve the amazing people that God has placed in my life. How is it that at each turn, more blessings continue to be heaped upon me? I am truly grateful.

The last time I had the opportunity to go to Australia, it was borderline surreal. Everything happened so fast, that I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening. What I do know is that the opportunity to go to Victoria after the bush fires was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was one of the truest blessings I can recall. I smiled more on that trip than I had in two years. I met people half a world away who were able to love me in spite of who I was. I was able to offer nothing but good, and love, and help to people. It was awesome.

When I heard that the country that had offered me so much hope had suffered from another disaster, I could not wait to get back on the plane. I wanted to help. I reached out to so many of my close friends, and was again humbled by the response I got. Twelve of the greatest people you can imagine were chomping at the bit to join me. They wanted to help out.

We have all suffered in one-way or another, and there is certainly no quantifying the human experience. Some certainly suffer more, but the one thing I think that we can all agree on is that the world we live in is broken. It is one thing to recognize this, but another thing to stand up and say that you want to do something about it. Here I was faced with a dozen young people who wanted to do what they could to make the world a better place for others. They were willing to go out of their way, and make themselves uncomfortable, exhaust themselves, burn themselves in the hot sun, go without sleep, and do all that halfway across the world without a thought of personal gain.  The world may be broken, but I am certainly grateful for the people who are unwilling to accept that.

I am afraid I do not have the words to describe my experience down there, other than to say that it was truly amazing. I got to hear some horrific stories about the floods, but always capped with stories of hope. I am grateful to an old farmer named Lindsey who told me how grateful he was that his son had been spared, and that when we showed up to help from a world away, that it was just something that let him know that God was still paying attention, and He still cared. I get choked up with goodbyes, and so did some very tough farm hands, but I am so grateful for the new relationships that I have forged.

I am truly grateful.


About Matt Harmon

Executive Director of TWCD Foundation
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