Unplanned and Exciting

This is not the post I planned to write upon my return from the other side of the Pacific. I had planned on writing an in-depth recap of the trip based upon notes, poems, and jots I had made in my Field Notebook throughout the trip, but that notebook was left in my apartment and I am not at my apartment at the moment. Plans change.

My trip to Australia was a series of dreams. We cleaned fences, rebuilt irrigation systems, and laughed a lot, but more importantly we made lasting relationships with beautiful farmers surprised at our love for them and our willingness to help. Farms washed bare by flood waters were put back on their feet and lives were able to start again. The impact the farmers had on us was equally staggering.

The team I was on worked with the Marshall family and we never saw them without a smile. Their gratefulness and pleasant disposition brought contagious smiles to the faces of everyone on our team. We worked alongside them, learning about their family and their farm, and it was perfect. An idyllic expression of the connectedness of humanity, my time on the Marshall farm can be distilled to one moment. Sitting on their porch, playing harmonica while Brandon slapped time on an ice-chest and Donnie did a little picking and singing on guitar. While we played, everyone around us sat eating, laughing, and being caught up in the pleasure of the presence of each other. It is the seminal moment of any trip I have ever taken. The strongest love imaginable washed over the entire scene and hopefully seared it in my memory forever.

Love is stronger than floods. Love is stronger than heartache. I have a belief that negative emotions are inherently stronger than positive emotions. That belief doesn’t include love, because love supernovas and burns all around it. Even the most cynical person alive couldn’t look at what we did in Australia and say that we just fixed a few fences and helped a few farmers. We shared a Love unimaginable with people whose world’s had been turned upside down. We showed that there are people around the world who care about even the most nondescript farm in Australia. I am exceedingly thankful to be used as a tool for the Master to show His undying affection for the inhabitants of earth.

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