I woke up this morning in my own bed after days of sleeping all over the world. The first thing I thought of was our friends back in Australia. About how they are doing and what project they might be working on today. What an amazing opportunity I was given to go to Australia to work alongside Aussie’s in helping to reconstruct their lives after the devastation of the floods. I loved the trip. I loved the people I met and the work we did. Everyday there I would slip into bed thinking about the work we accomplished that day and the relationships built. The trip was amazing. From the beauty of the country itself to the people we met to the new skills acquired it was phenomenal.

As we traveled home my boyfriend and I discussed our favorite parts of the trip. There were many laughs as we went over hilarious moments of the trip. However, both of us agreed our favorite part of the trip was the four days we spent in Texas, Australia working on a farm owned by a man named Ian. Everyday spent with him and his family was filled with countless stories, hard work and meals shared between new friends. We worked hard and each of us were so proud of the work accomplished on his farm. I built fences (with the help of others) and my heart felt full of the joy of a hard days work.

Ian is a wonderful man. (He showed us our first kangaroos which of course made him the best!) A man worth looking up to and days with him and his family were unforgettable. I was talking to his sister one day and she said that she was so happy to see him laughing and joking around again. She said the devastation of the floods had depressed him but having us there had lifted his spirits. Ian also shared with me one day that at first all you can do is cry but then you start working and you cry less until one day you aren’t crying at all but just working hard. It was an honor to be with them and to help bring back laughter through camaraderie and hard work.

Thank you for supporting TWCD so it can continue helping out people in times of crisis. Thank you TWCD for allowing me to help Australia. Thank you Australia for welcoming us into your lives.

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