Every bit worth it..

Hi! I have not read any of the previous posts and we have to do this very quickly, so I am sorry if I repeat anything you have heard! So for the past 2 days my team has been helping the Marshal family on their small farm outside Toowoomba. Their property was all under water except for the house, which they think was saved by a fortunate debris build-up. We had a chance to watch some footage of the flood and it was unbelievable and humbling. The amazing thing is, although these people had so much taken away from them and destroyed, they are have the best attitude and warmest hearts I have ever seen. It would be an understatement to say that it has been a pleasure working for them. It has truly opened my eyes so much!

We are headed back today for a final go at finishing up the fencing around the farm. Catch you up on the rest soon!!

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