Helping the Marshalls

Only have two seconds of wifi but wanted you to know what’s going on here! Australia has been amazing and humbling and fantastic. And, oh my God, tiring. I felt so emotional as we left our family tonight. They hugged us and profusely expressed their gratefulness. They said it would have taken them a month to do what we have done in the last 2 days.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have a “day off” but the three of us on our team – Brandon, a *angel* of a girl named Caroline, and myself plus our Aussie team leader, Dee, have decided to go back and work. We could finish the job before we move on to a different part of Australia if we forfeit our day off – and we want more than anything to help.

We are leaving on Sunday for an area that’s worse off than Toowoomba. We will write again as soon as we can.

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One Response to Helping the Marshalls

  1. Patsy Ross says:

    Hope you guys are doing well. We heard here that a cyclone hit Queensland. Keep up the terrific job you’re doing and keep safe. We are all proud of you.

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