Hi!  My name is Karla Jordan, I am one of the token non-Texans joining the TWCD crew for the trip.  I am super blessed to do so and look forward to the trip with eager anticipation.  We can’t get there soon enough!  I’m currently in a “limbo” season of life, having worked in ministry for the past three years but moving out of that role at the Lord’s prompting.  One thing that has struck me in the last years of life is the idea of availability.  A mentor and friend once said “All that God needs to use anyone is obedience and availability.”  Being young…ish, single, healthy…I feel like I am available for a lot of things that others can’t open themselves up to.  And now, being jobless, I have lots of available time!  No matter what God has given me, I want to exploit those gifts for His glory!  I am blessed and honored to be a part of this team and look forward to serving and sharing all that I can.  Thanks to everyone at home who is supporting us!

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  1. Linda Beem says:

    We are impressed & proud of your unselfish service to others.

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